I‘m a Filipina, born & raised in the Middle East,
working as a freelance-illustrator and character designer in Australia.
I graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design
but pursued my passion in Illustration as I’ve always had a love for children's wild imaginations & how easy it is to get lost in the wonder of adventure.
My artwork comes to life with a pop of bright color or as a black & white sketch, but most often I enjoy using a fun pastel color palette. I guess my current body of work is described as floaty, explorative & playful…with a hint of fairy floss!
Most of my client work is digital but lately I’ve been experimenting more with polychromos colored pencils and acrylics! 

This shop is purely for fun as I love to create other little things as a hobby.
But as a career, I am a freelance illustrator mainly focusing on Children’s Illustration and design.
Some services I provide are:
Children’s book illustration
Book Covers
Character design
Toy design
Illustrative designs such as
product packaging,
websites banners, icons, etc.

I’m here to help bring your ideas to life and am always looking for creative opportunities!

To get in touch with me, please contact hello@sabimanagement.com