Naz Power is a Filipino freelance illustrator, 
currently residing in Australia with her husband and their first child.

When Naz was studying, she’d usually get into trouble for doodling/sketching on her notebooks during class but it was more than just scribbling on a piece of paper, it was the only thing that made her happy in such a depressing world that she only knew of. So later on after completing her studies in Industrial Design, Naz decided to follow her passion in Children’s illustration and design and has been doing so since 2014.

Her artwork comes to life with a pop of bright color or as a black & white sketch, but most often enjoys using a fun pastel color palette. Her current body of work is described as floaty, explorative & playful…with a hint of fairy floss!

With 7 books commissioned under her pen, hundreds of family illustrations for clients all over the globe, brand design jobs for small and corporate businesses alike, Naz has also designed her own handmade plush toys and accessories and completed animation designs for a Real Estate TV Ad and a music video for an Australian Country Artist, Casey Barnes. Other noteworthy collaborations are her work for Casio’s “Back to School” campaign for 2020, and also completing an animation design for “The Voice Australia 2019” for Zeek Power’s finals performance of “Pray For Me”.

Although Naz’s primary medium currently is as a drawing digital artist, she also loves using other mediums to create such as acrylic paint and colored pencils. Last year she pushed her creative boundaries by turning her usual 2D illustrations into clay figurines and ceramics and has also since, painted custom skateboard decks both for clients and personal projects.

As a child, Naz’s family didn’t have a lot of money, so she would draw whatever she couldn’t have and make up illustrative stories to cope with their living situation. Her mom was also creative so they always had art materials around the house. Because there weren’t a lot of activities available back where she lived, drawing was her only escape from boredom and depression.
And even when things started to pick up for her family,
her passion for drawing never stopped.

Naz’s inspiration comes from children’s wild and unfiltered imaginations.
Her ultimate goal is to simply create art that make people smile.

Naz’s current services include:
Children’s book illustration
Book Covers
Character design
Brand illustration
For business inquiries, please contact Sam at hello@sabimanagement.com